ASP & Developer Licensing

Turnkey Web Tools is pleased to offer a new and exciting license structure designed specifically for developers, web designers, web hosting companies, and other application service provider (ASP).

This new licensing program provides access to our ASP license, helping you to minimize overhead and development time while providing the flexibility to rebrand, deploy, and manage SunShop for multiple customers in multiple locations.

Advantages of the TWT ASP Program

FREE Signup

Signing up is 100% free. There is no obligation to buy anything until you are ready to start your services.


Make our software your own and rebrand it with your company or product name.

Pricing Flexibility

Set your own monthly, yearly or one-time prices for your clients.

Install Anywhere

Install our software anywhere you choose, and maintain complete control over all of your installations. You can even disable deployments if you so choose with just a click of a button.

FREE Updates and Support

Get FREE support and software updates for as long as you keep your license up to date.

Current Pricing Structure: SunShop
Simultaneous Installations 15 30 50 100 Unlimited
Price (Per Year) $599.99 $799.99 $999.99 $1299.99 $1999.99
Current Pricing Structure: PHP Live Helper
Simultaneous Installations Unlimited
Price (Per Year) $799.99

ASP Process

  1. 1


    Sign up for FREE. There is no obligation to make a purchase until you are ready to begin your services.

  2. 2

    Create Your License Key

    Each installation requires a license key. You can easily manage your license key, and domains on which it can run, from within your "My TWT" account area.

  3. 3

    Manage Your License

    If you need to terminate an installation, simply remove the domain from the list of valid domains from the management area, and the deployment will be disabled. You can add as many domains to the list as you need within your license limit.