Direct Online Communication
Real-Time, One-on-One Onsite Communication
PHP Live Helper's online chat software lets you and your ecommerce visitors communicate in "real time." Provide a higher level of customer support, aid in purchase decisions, or just offer a service that puts you a step ahead of your competition.
Automatic Transcript Saving
When a chat session ends, PHP Live Helper can be set up to automatically save and archive the transcript for you. This allows you and other operators to look back and understand the communication that took place between the customer and the operator on any previous occasion.
Ability to Respond to Multiple Chat Requests at Once
With multiple chat support, you can chat with multiple visitors at the same time. There's no need to switch between browser windows, as PHP Live Helper displays everything on one page. It's as easy as clicking on the visitor's URL and switching to that chat session. Colored and blinking icons help you keep track of new messages and the customer you're chatting with.
Transcript Save and Search Tools
PHP Live Helper's save and search tools make logging and finding previous chat sessions with customers quick and easy. Transcript logs can be set up to record the visitor's IP address, name, the date of the conversation, and even the department and operator they chatted with. This allows you to search through transcripts for quick reference at a later time. You can even search by transcript ID or keywords.
"Party is Typing" Notifications
When chatting online with your customers, PHP Live Helper displays a convenient "Party is Typing" message so that each party can see when the other is typing. As soon as the person is done typing, the message disappears.
Email transcript capabilities
At the end of the online chat session, the visitor can elect to have the transcript emailed to them. You can also email transcripts to other staff members or to customers who request a copy at a later date.
Automated Visitor Data Collection
PHP Live Helper allows you to view a variety of your online visitors' data. In addition to seeing where they came from, you can obtain information about the type of browser they use, their operating system, screen resolution, time zone, and even transcript numbers if they had any previous chat sessions.
Customizable Sound Alerts
Every time one of your visitors requests an online chat session, PHP Live Helper will notify you with an alert sound that you can customize to your liking. You can also set up and modify sound alerts for new messages, and even when a visitor first lands on your website. Both the operator and the visitor have the ability to turn the alert sounds off at their convenience.
Email Signature Support
With email signature support, you can add your chat buttons or chat text to your email signatures. This provides your email recipients with the ability to chat with you directly from the emails you send. This code can also be used with online auctions.
Printable Chat Sessions
While chatting, your visitors can elect to print the chat screen at any time. This gives them quick access to the information exchanged through their online chat session without having to wait for it to be emailed to them at the end