Built-In Efficiency
Custom Canned Responses, Images & Push URL's
With PHP Live Helper, you can easily add, edit, or select a built-in canned response. This allows you to respond faster and do less typing during your online chat sessions.
Chat Request Queue with Chat Session Distribution
While your visitors are waiting for a chat request, PHP Live Helper places them in a queue. As a courtesy, a message is displayed to let the visitor know just how long they can expect to wait before chatting with an operator.
Department-Specific Canned Responses
PHP Live Helper also includes a variety of department-specific canned responses, which can also be easily customized to your preferences.
Automatic Department-Specific Waiting Messages
PHP Live Helper also lets you setup automatic wait messages that are specific to each of your departments. This message is conveniently displayed as your visitors wait to chat with someone from that department.
Operator and Department Assignment Options
With PHP Live Helper, you can assign your online chat operators to a specific department, or all of them. This ensures your operators answer chat sessions through specified departments only.
Customizable "Offline" Response Message System
With a customizable "offline" response message system, you can provide faster customer support by allowing visitors the option to send you offline messages by email.