FAQ (Downloadable Version)
How many operators can we create?
PHP Live Helper lets you create an UNLIMITED number of operator accounts with the downloadable version.
Do I need to be a programmer to use PHP Live Helper?
No. You can setup and use PHP Live Helper without any programming knowledge whatsoever. The entire customer support software system is a plug-and-play application. After installation, you can maintain PHP Live Helper through the operator area.
Can we modify the source code?
Yes. PHP Live Helper's source code is 98% open for customization. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can modify the source code to meet your needs. Please read the license agreement for more specific information regarding altering the code. This only applies to the downloadable version.
What do I need to run PHP Live Helper?
Running PHP Live Helper requires a web server or hosting account that is PHP and MySQL enabled. For more information, please check with your hosting company.
Is it difficult to install?
PHP Live Helper includes a web-based installer for easy installation. However, you may need a basic understanding of certain technical aspects to complete the installation. If you find that you need assistance installing the software, please contact us about our installation service.
Is the license cost a one time fee?
Yes. The amount you pay for the PHP Live Helper license is a one-time fee. The amount you pay depends on the type of license you purchase. The services included with each license are as follows:
Downloadable Version: Downloadable version includes access to software updates for life and ability to use the software for life. Support is included for one year. Support can be renewed a yearly basis for $100.00.
Where can I get updates in the future?
After purchasing your PHP Live Helper license, you will be provided access to our client area. You can go to this area at any time to download products and updates.
Can we hire you to add features that don't currently exist or to integrate our template or design?
Yes. We are happy to add features, modify templates, and provide integration services at your request. To find out how we can meet your needs, please submit a quote request.
Is it easy to use PHP Live Helper?
Yes. But why take our word for it when you can try out PHP Live Helper yourself? Check out our online demo.