Detailed Reports & Stats
Real-Time Traffic Monitor
With PHP Live Helper's traffic monitor, you can see exactly where your visitors are on your site at any given time. You can also see which visitors are chatting with which operators, and even invite a visitor to participate in a "live" chat.
IP & Hostname Blocking
With the IP/Hostname management system, you can choose to block certain visitors from requesting chats, showing up on your visitor list, being included in your site reports, or all of the above. This allows you to focus on real customers and prevent troublesome visitors from wasting your valuable time.
Extensive Site Reporting
In the PHP Live Helper reports area, you can view a quick summary of your site's daily stats along with other useful information, such as your top 10 referrals, top 10 visitors, top 10 pages visited, and even your top 10 exit pages. You can also view reports by month.
Visitor Analytics Data
In addition to site traffic monitoring, PHP Live Helper provides "realtime" charts with important visitor analytics data. This helps you to see just how many people are browsing your ecommerce site at any given time.
Report Management Tools
PHP Live Helper's online customer support software includes a complete set of report management tools, including a feature that allows you to delete reports by date.