Sales & Marketing Tools
Visitor Referral Tracking System
PHP Live Helper's visitor referral tracking system lets you know exactly where your visitors are coming from and which websites bring you the most traffic.
Surveys and Operator Rating System
At the end of each chat session, you can set up PHP Live Helper to invite the user to fill out a quick survey that's customized to the needs of your business. Ask questions or get feedback about your site, your products, or your customer service. You can also ask the user to rate the operator they just chatted with.
Proactive Chat Requests
If it looks like one of your visitors needs some assistance, simply hit the request link and a courteous "chat invite" will instantly appear on the visitor's screen.
Push Web Pages and Images in Chat
When you want to share additional information with an online chat user, like a product web page or image, PHP Live Helper makes it convenient by automatically opening a new browser on the user's end with the location you input.