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Turnkey Web Tools makes it easy for web developers, web hosting companies, and consultants to benefit from the resale of our ecommerce solutions. With over 10,000 satisfied customers and counting, our flexible shopping cart and online customer support software can help you spend less time developing and researching, and more time generating clients and income.
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Reseller Discount Rates
Purchase more than one product license and receive a significant discount. Discounts are based on the total number of licenses you purchase as a reseller. Licenses can be purchased one at a time and are automatically counted towards your next purchase, giving you even more savings. See below for our current reseller discount rates.
Easy License Management
Use the reseller login area to manage your licenses. By request, licenses can also be transfered to a separate account under your clients name to make it easier for them to get access to updates and support in the future.
Customer Support
Leave the customer support to us. If your client has an issue, we'll take care of it.
Set Prices
Set your own reasonable prices for our products. Provide your clients with services for a fee, such as software setup, configuration, integration, and training.
Current Reseller Discount
0 to 1
2 to 9
10 to 19
20 to 49
50 to 99
100 or More
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