Customizable Storefront
Professional, Sleek Default Designs
SunShop's professionally designed default design templates are a great starting place and can be easily customized to your personal preferences.
Customizable Email Templates
SunShop allows you to edit the automated email messages that get sent to your site customers. For example, you can personalize your store's order confirmation emails with your own custom text.
Fully Customizable Website Templates
Just a few simple clicks is all it takes to design and alter the look of your online store through SunShop's "template-based" ecommerce system. SunShop also includes a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor for easy creation and editing of your web page content.
Built-In WYSIWYG Editor for Creating Custom Pages
Creating custom pages is simple with SunShop's template-based management and design tools. Just create your template name, drop in your text and graphics or use the powerful WYSIWYG editor, and then click "SAVE." Your custom page is ready!
Simple Template Selection Drop-Down Menu
Every SunShop template is easily accessible through a convenient drop-down menu. Just select your favorite design and click—it's that simple!
All the Look and Feel of a Professionally Designed Site
SunShop includes a set of pre-designed website templates to suit your unique industry needs. You can also design your own web site design template and save all the style and design setting for future use.
Quick, One-Click Logo Upload
Uploading your business logo is as easy as selecting the image file on your computer and clicking the update setting button within the administrative area. Just one click and you're done!
Easy-to-Use Editing and Page Layout Tools
SunShop makes editing and moving sections around on design templates quick and easy. Every change you make is automatically applied to the remaining templates within the set. For example, if you move the Category section on your master template from the left to the right side of the page, the same layout will remain consistent throughout.