What is eCC?
eCC is an Intuit Gold-certified software that integrates your SunShop shopping cart with QuickBooks or QuickBooks Point of Sales, shipping processors (FedEx, UPS, Stamps.com, Endicia, etc.) and payment gateways (Authorize.net, PayPal, etc.), enabling you to streamline and automate your online business. No need to copy and paste data from your SunShop store to multiple applications. Now, you can automatically process your orders, manage you catalog and inventory, record transactions, and reconcile accounts all within eCC's fast and user-friendly platform.
Let eCC cut your operational time down to minutes and few clicks! With eCC, you can eliminate manual data entry and avoid shipping and accounting errors, saving your time, money, and manpower to GROW your eCommerce business.
Streamline Order Fulfillment
eCC integrates your SunShop store with your QuickBooks or QuickBooks POS, shipping processors and payment gateways, so you can manage your entire order fulfillment from one application.
  • Automatically pulls orders from your SunShop store from a specified data and order number into eCC
  • Monitor order processing status, cancellation and history within the eCC dashboard
  • Conduct phone orders in eCC and post orders to your SunShop store and QuickBooks
  • Select orders in batches to be processed for shippings
  • Instantly generate shipping labels and tracking ID using FedEx, UPS Direct, UPS WorldShip, DYMO Endicia, Endicia Dazzle, Stamps.com and QuickBooks Shipping Manager
  • Compare shipping rates with DYMO Endicia, FedEx, Stamps.com and UPS Direct
  • Customize packing slips with your company logo, specified page dimensions and order display options
  • Automatically notify customers of shipment and tracking number
  • Record transactions in QuickBooks/QuickBooks POSr
  • Update order status in your online store
  • Manage canceled orders
Keep Your Quickbooks Current and Accurate
As a QuickBooks Gold-certified integration software, eCC seamlessly connects your SunShop store with QuickBooks or QuickBooks POS, so you can accurately manage your accounts, inventory and customers.
  • Automatically post order details to QuickBooks to create sales receipts/invoices/sales orders/estimates
  • Automatically create sales receipts and invoices in QuickBooks POS
  • Map payment method and card types with QuickBooks/QuickBooks POS
  • Manage existing and new customers and products in QuickBooks/QuickBooks POS
  • ICreate purchase orders for drop-ship or out-of-stock products in QuickBooks
  • Synchronize product catalog, price and quantity between your SunShop store and QuickBooks/QuickBooks POS
Manage Product Catalog, Inventory and Pricing
Keep your catalog, inventory and pricing organized and up-to-date to avoid backorders and misinforming your customers.
  • Manage products and their price and quantity from your SunShop store and QuickBooks/QuickBooks POS within eCC
  • Map products between your SunShop store and QuickBooks/POS based on your specified mapping configuration in eCC
  • If your online store has products that QuickBooks/POS lacks, eCC can replicate the product in QuickBooks/POS as a simple product. This can also be done the other way around
  • Select the simple products for which you'd like to sync price and quantity between your SunShop store and QuickBooks/POS
  • Identify and synchronize simple items that have mismatched price and quantity between your SunShop store and QuickBooks/POS
  • Manage drop-ship items in QuickBooks/POS
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