Extensive Payment Options
Real-Time Credit Card Acceptance
With SunShop, you can take and process real-time credit card transactions in a quick and efficient manner. SunShop provides a selection of modules for and supports several leading payment gateways, including those listed here.
Offline Credit Card Processing Tools
With Sunshop, you can process credit card payments manually for your customers. Using this method, SunShop collects and encrypts your customers credit card details, allowing for the information to remain private and secure as you process it through your terminal.
Over 60 Real-Time Credit Card Processors Supported
SunShop is currently integrated with over 60+ payment gateways and services around the Internet. With all major processors supported and options for those outside of the United States, we have you covered no matter where you're located.
Fully PCI/CISP Compliant
While SunShop is fully compliant, your shopping cart software is just one of the links in the PCI compliance chain. To ensure the integrity of your site's security, SunShop gives you a variety of tools to help you ensure your site achieves complete compliance with today's strict PCI security standards.
Extensive PayPal Support
SunShop supports all of PayPal's payment solutions right out of the box, including PayPal Standard, Express Checkout, Web Payments Pro, PayPal Advanced, and their Payflow solutions.
"Minimum Order" Amount Settings
SunShop's "minimum order" feature allows you to enforce a minimum quantity or dollar amount that your customers must meet before they can move forward with the checkout process. It's a great tool to have when your online business centers around the sale of wholesale products or goods that require special shipping and handling.
Non-Real-Time Payment Options (Phone, Mail Order, P.O.)
When you receive payments for orders outside of your online store, SunShop gives you the tools you need to process your non-real-time customer payments, including those received by phone, fax, mail order, store pickup, mail order by check, C.O.D., and many others.
Create, Sell & Accept Customized Gift Certificates
When you use SunShop's gift certificate feature, you can create your own unique gift certificates that customers can give to their friends and family, or use themselves. You can even set a minimum gift certificate amount.
Complete Quickbooks Export Capabilities
With SunShop Shopping Cart Software, you can export your customer invoices and transactions straight from your online Sunshop database into your Quickbooks accounting program with just a few clicks.