Extensive Reporting
Dynamic Graphs Reporting
Included with SunShop Shopping Cart Software is a wide-selection of useful graphs and other chart reports. With these tools, you can keep better track of your sales, customers, and other data that's important to the success of your business.
Website Statistics
SunShop includes a basic website statistics reporting tool that automatically tallies the number of visits to your online store. SunShop also reports the source from where your visitors came from and other details about your visited web pages.
Ecommerce, Sales, and Store Activity Reports
Whether you need your ecommerce data broken down by year, month, product type, category, vendor, or something else, SunShop gives you the options you need to tailor your reports around your specific needs.
Google Analytics Support
SunShop comes pre-packaged with plugins for Google Analytics and Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking—important tools for analyzing and deciding how to further optimize and improve your ecommerce site.