Store Management
Unlimited Products & Categories
With Sunshop, you can add as many products and categories as you'd like. There are no limitations!
List Products Under Multiple Categories
SunShop makes it easy to improve the visibility of your products while maintaining their integrity among search engines. List items across multiple categories without duplicating their product information.
eBay Product Export
Link your SunShop with eBay within minutes and send any products to an eBay auction with a few simple clicks. Coming Soon: Manage your eBay auctions and import your eBay order back into SunShop for processing.
ShipStation Support
ShipStation downloads your orders in real-time from SunShop automatically, allows you to create USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Canada Post shipping labels and packing slips in batch, updates the order status within SunShop automatically and communicates tracking information to your customers. More Information
Short and Long Product Description Sections
Sunshop allows you to create both short and long descriptions for your products in HTML or plain text formats. You can also add one or more images to your product descriptions.
Customizable "Related Products" Linking
With SunShop Shopping Cart Software working behind the scenes of your ecommerce store, you can "cross sell" and "up sell" your products by creating customized categories and "Related Products" links.
Unlimited Product Images
There's no limit to the number of product images you can add when you build your site with SunShop's ecommerce software. SunShop even gives you the ability to create mouse-over images through its easy plugins, allowing customers to view a larger version of the image without having to click on anything.
"In-Stock" Inventory Quantity Settings
When you use SunShop's "In-Stock" inventory quantity settings, you never have to worry about over-selling anything to your customers. You can even set your inventory quantities by a specific product feature, such as size and color.
Custom Product Attributes & Tagging Options
You can help customers find what they're looking for by adding customized tags and attributes to your products that make keyword searches quick and easy. For example, if you sell books, you can add the ISBN number, page count, or any other attribute that isn't already included by default.
Automatic Stock Quantity Updates After Each Sale
With each sale you make, SunShop automatically updates the quantity of the product's stock. This ensures both you and your customers always know just how much you have left in inventory.
Unlimited Product Options
From different sizes and colors to options that add to a product's base price and weight, SunShop can handle all of your product option variables in a few simple clicks.
Secure Digital Product Delivery System
SunShop provides complete support of the sale of digital and electronic goods right out of the box. With just a few simple clicks, you can effortlessly setup a download file and even associate it with another downloadable file. Anytime a customer orders the main product, its associated file will be automatically included for download at the time of purchase.
"Featured Products" Options
SunShop helps you draw attention to your most popular products and sale items by allowing you to display them in a special "Featured Products" section on your home page or under your "Related Products" category listings.
Easy Bulk Inventory Management
With import and export functionality built right into SunShop's administration area, managing your catalog and product bulk inventory is simple. All it takes is a comma-separated variable (CSV) file and Excel (or similar program), and you can edit and re-import your data any time.
Dynamic Graphs Reporting
ncluded with SunShop Shopping Cart Software is a wide-selection of useful graphs and other chart reports. With these tools, you can keep better track of your sales, customers, and other data that's important to the success of your business.
Website Statistics
SunShop includes a basic website statistics reporting tool that automatically tallies the number of visits to your online store. SunShop also reports the source from where your visitors came from and other details about your visited web pages.
Ecommerce, Sales, and Store Activity Reports
Whether you need your ecommerce data broken down by year, month, product type, category, vendor, or something else, SunShop gives you the options you need to tailor your reports around your specific needs.
Google Analytics Support
SunShop comes pre-packaged with plugins for Google Analytics and Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking—important tools for analyzing and deciding how to further optimize and improve your ecommerce site.