Marketing & SEO
Fully Integrated "Rewards" Points System
With SunShop's user-friendly installation wizard, you can get your online shop setup and installed in a few simple steps.
Customizable Coupons & Gift Certificates
Offer online coupons and associate them with specific products or categories. SunShop's gift certificate module allows your customers to purchase and redeem gift certificates online, while administrators securely track how many are sold, redeemed, or still outstanding.
"Tell-A-Friend" Program Functions
SunShop's "Tell-A-Friend" Feature gives your site visitors the ability to recommend your products to their friends and family. All they have to do is enter their email addresses, and SunShop will send an automatic email to the specified recipients with a link to the description and a picture of the product.
Discount Setup & Calculation Tools
SunShop provides a number of ways to provide your customers with discounts, which can be conveniently setup and calculated by product, group, quantity purchased, and much more.
Complete "Product Reviews and Ratings" Feature
With SunShop's product review and ratings tools, you can provide customers with a way to share their feedback about your products and services. With just a few clicks, store administrators can view, delete, add, and publish selected reviews directly to the storefront.
On-site Promotional, Cross-selling, and Up-selling Options
With SunShop, you can easily "cross sell" and "up sell" your products by creating customized categories and "Related Products" links. SunShop lets you relate products in your catalog on the basis of similar features. The relationships can be used to "cross sell" or "up sell" your products.
Affiliate Program Support
SunShop supports two of the most commonly used affiliate programs available, iDev Affiliate & Post Affiliate Pro. This gives you the important tools you need to track your online affiliate sales.
Automated Product-feed Modules
Export and upload your product feeds to some of the major shopping sites with a click. SunShop's modules include Shopzilla,, Google, and Yahoo! Shopping.
Streamlined, Search Engine Friendly Architecture
SunShop's advanced, search engine friendly architecture provides smooth, effective search engine indexing and positioning, helping you to improve your store's rankings and site traffic.
Search Engine Friendly User-defined URLs
All of SunShop's pages, including the dynamically generated pages, are friendly to search engine spiders and crawlers. SunShop also provides the option to define static and search engine friendly file names for all category, sub-category, and product pages. This helps to boost your organic search engine rankings and lower your traffic-acquisition costs.
Automatic XML Sitemap Generator For Google & More
With SunShop, you can automatically generate XML sitemaps for use with Google Webmaster Tools and other services. This convenient feature substantially reduces the time it takes to get your web site listed with Google. This is especially important for new ecommerce sites with very few in-links, and sites with dynamic content. Just create your sitemap and add it to your Google Sitemaps account—or simply edit your robots.txt to point to it.
Convenient TITLE and META Tag Generator
When creating your products, SunShop gives you the ability to automatically create unique TITLE and META tags for each of your products. This feature alone can save you hours, even days of keyword optimization work. SunShop also allows you to refine these tags with an easy, built-in editor.
Breadcrumb Navigation and Sitemap for Optimum Indexing
SunShop's automatically generated sitemap and breadcrumb navigation features give search engines and spiders what they need to navigate through the pages of your ecommerce site with ease.