Trusted Security
Full HTTPS & SSL Protocol Support
To ensure every detail of your customer data is transmitted securely and safely, SunShop provides full support of HTTPS & SSL protocols, no matter where the data is collected.
Administration Access Restriction Options
SunShop allows the administrator the ability to control administrative access and set access levels for all other administration account.
Secure, Password-Protected Administration
SunShop protects your administration area with passwords that only you and your employees know. For added security, all passwords are stored in your ecommerce database with one-way encryption.
Fully PCI/CISP Compliant
SunShop Shopping Cart Software is fully PCI/CISP compliant. To ensure the remainder of your ecommerce site meets today's strict security standards, SunShop gives you a set of tools to help you achieve complete PCI compliance.
Custom Administration Area Folder
SunShop helps you stop prying eyes from gaining access to your private customer information by renaming your administration directory to something less commonly used.
Complete Google reCAPTCHA Support
SunShop puts a stop to spam received through your ecommerce site by ensuring your forms are filled out by live humans instead of spamming bots.
One-Way Private Encryption Key
SunShop offers a highly secure method of keeping your customers stored credit card information safe. It does so through a private, one-way key that encrypts sensitive data. The only way the data can be viewed after encryption is by entering the private key, which is known only by you and your fulfillment staff.
Admin Login Tracking
Track admin login activity and see exactly where accounts are logging in from. SunShop recognizes new IP address logins and alerts the admin immediately to ensure the account is secure.