Social Marketing
Facebook has become a powerful social marketing tool among online business owners. Not only is the social media site one of today's most popular methods of communication between businesses and consumers, learning how to use your Facebook Fan page to market your products can play a vital role in the growth of your business.
Social Marketing Ecommerce Solution
To ensure you have what you need to harness the power of your store's Facebook Fan page, we're happy to introduce our all-new social marketing solution — ShopBuddy.
ShopBuddy is a friendly, highly influential Facebook application that makes showcasing your products and services on your store's Fan page quick and easy. With a just a few simple clicks, ShopBuddy provides an instant "gateway" between your Facebook Fan page and your ecommerce store.
SunShop Shopping Cart Software is fully integrated with ShopBuddy as a free plugin module. In addition to SunShop, ShopBuddy can be used in conjunction with any other ecommerce software or online selling platform, like eBay or Etsy.
The best part about ShopBuddy is that it doesn't require separate management from your existing ecommerce website. Simply manage your online store through your site's usual administration area, and ShopBuddy will automatically display whatever updates you make through your "Shop" tab on your Facebook page.
Give your online business the friendly social marketing tool it needs to grow. Add ShopBuddy to your online store's Facebook Fan page today!
How to Get Started

Create Your Account

Click the "Sign Up" button below and create your account. All you need to get started is a valid email account and a password.

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Import Your Products

Import your product feed into our database using either a Google Base export from your current shop, or keep it simple and add your products one at a time using our simple interface. For the fastest and easiest results, couple ShopBuddy with our turnkey shopping cart software, which provides a one-click feed export feature.

Increase Your Sales

After adding the ShopBuddy tab to your Facebook page, you'll gain access to another level of marketing. With your entire product line displayed through your Facebook account, your fans will be able to easily browse your offerings and click through to your online store to make their purchases.

Social Bookmarking & Sharing
AddThis is considered the world's largest content sharing platform across the Internet. In addition to giving customers a quick and convenient way to share your content and products through their favorite social media sites, AddThis can help drive more traffic to your website.
With AddThis as part of your ecommerce system, you have another influential social marketing tool that can be used to spread the word about your ecommerce site, increase visibility of your content and products, and expand your customer base.
Fast, powerful, and easy to use, AddThis also includes a sophisticated analytics feature to help you better understand how and where your product content is being shared. Best of all, AddThis is FREE, and is already integrated into SunShop Shopping Cart Software as a free plugin module.
Experience what the power of sharing can do for your online business. Add today's popular AddThis social bookmarking and sharing tools to your ecommerce site.