Available SunShop Licenses
Thank you for your interest in SunShop. Below are the licensing offerings currently available. We offer both a downloadable and a hosted (On Demand) version of SunShop. Our licensing options each come with no restrictions on usage such as categories, products, clients, transactions or otherwise. Additionally, each of the licenses include the same features and no limitations.
Service providers, SaaS providers, developers & hosting companies: Are you looking for our service provider / white label licensing offerings? Please visit our Service Provider Licensing Page.
Download Advantages

Unlimited Categories

Unlimited Products

No Transaction Fees

Money Back Guarantee

1 Year Initial Support
Lifetime Updates Access
Installs on Any Server
Access To All Features
one time*
On Demand
On Demand Advantages

Hosted & Installed On Our Servers

Unlimited Products & Categories

Simple Setup Signup & Go

Automatic Updates

Unlimited Support
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
SSL Enabled
Access To All Features
Starts at $29
**Billed annually or $39.99 month-to-month
*Licenses includes lifetime access to updates and support for 1 year with the initial purchase. After the first year, support can be optionally renewed at $125.00 per year.